‚ÄčDa Vinci 101 is not an art history course! At OSU Honors College I teach a 2-credit colloquium course that I  have been developing and revising since the Fall of 2018. In this 2-hour weekly seminar class, we put Leonardo da Vinci-the renaissance man, at the center of our attention to see if we can find ways to introduce art to the fabric of STEMM education,...or maybe not! We have 10-11 weeks to begin artistically and accomplish systematically. It does not matter what it is, how it is being initiated or what process we use to fulfill the task; the only thing that matters all along the sessions of being together is the element of ar and art practice. However you define art and artistic practice, it should be part of the game. 

In Da Vinci 101 we mess things up a lot; students and I want to learn by practicing failure and getting back on track again and again. Isn't it truly the meaning of an artistic process? 

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